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North Central Florida Festivals

AREA FESTIVALS Please Note:  Alachua Coun­ty is at Phase 2 re-open­ing from the COVID-19 Emer­gency, please lis­ten and watch for any re-open­ing infor­ma­tion and changes and updates, and check pri­or to going to any spe­cial event, as things could change with very lit­tle notice.  We will con­tin­ue to try to bring you the most updat­ed […]

Covid-19 Part 2

Back in April when we wrote the last blog as the shock was wear­ing off, we real­ly did­n’t know.….  So here it is the Day after Memo­r­i­al Day, and for enter­tain­ment, events and hos­pi­tal­i­ty, we are all try­ing!  For those who don’t like change, this is going to be tough times.  So much change is […]

CORVID-19 and the Arts

So now we know.… CORVID-19 and the per­form­ing and visu­al arts does­n’t play nice­ly togeth­er unless they are done Live over the inter­net.… With a few excep­tions of using your dri­ve­way.…. With the State issu­ing a Stay at Home order, only essen­tial busi­ness­es are open, which leaves the restau­rants to be take out only through […]

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